Christmas trees Amstelveen

Christmas trees Amstelveen

Are you looking for a beautiful Christmas tree in Amstelveen? Christmas Trees Amsterdam delivers 7 days a week the highest quality Christmas trees in Amstelveen to your living room or office. Choose the delivery date yourself, receive a time indication of 1 hour accurately and on the day of delivery our delivery man can even be followed live. Or drop by at our point of sale on Noorddammerweg in Amstelveen. See the location and opening hours at the bottom of the page. 

In our assortment, the popular Nordmann Christmas tree from 1 - 4 meters, a replantable Fraserie Christmas tree in pots and the traditional Spruce. Besides Christmas trees we sell a suitable Christmas tree stand for every length of Christmas tree, have a wide range of Christmas tree lights, baubles, complete decoration packages and it is even possible to have a Christmas tree decorated by us on location. 

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Free Easyfix drill hole with all our Christmas trees!

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Why order from us?

The most beautiful Christmas trees

The highest quality Nordmann Christmas trees, every year we select the trees ourselves and therefore we guarantee all our customers a beautiful Christmas tree. Also in our assortment, the Fraserie pot grown and the Picea Abies. The Fraserie is replantable and the Abies is the traditional fir tree. Something for everyone and all of high quality.

The highest service

Personalized delivery to the living room or office. Live on the 3rd floor, no problem? Our friendly delivery staff will place the Christmas tree in the desired location. You can choose the delivery date and on the day of delivery you can see us driving. And if something is wrong, we'll be happy to help you. We are always nearby.

A green Christmas tree

Christmas trees are good to clean the air, every year we plant new Christmas trees, so no trees disappear. The main thing is what you do with them after Christmas. Since 2020, we have been helping the City of Amsterdam recycle Christmas trees. Read more about our initiative and the collection service in the first week of January on our recycling page.

Over 15 years of experience

In 2007 we started street vending at Westerdoksplein. Since then we can also be found on the Vijzelgracht, Stadionplein, Amstelveen and in Haarlem. Since 2012 we also sell our Christmas trees online. The team has grown considerably. We have a lot of fun and enjoy the nice reactions we receive every year from our customers.

Points of sale

Do you enjoy picking out your own Christmas tree and love the atmosphere that comes with it? Then stop by one of our points of sale. Check the map for opening hours for each location and navigate your way to us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Reliable for 15 years in Amsterdam


Over 150 verified customer reviews! We have been reviewed as "excellent" for years. Again this year we are going to do everything possible to give all our customers a wonderful Christmas (tree). We really enjoy our work and enjoy all the nice comments.

Top tree

Do for years now order a tree at Kerstbomen Amsterdam and really every year a beautiful full tree and top service with delivery

 by Mieke on Christmas trees Amsterdam

Happy again this year with a beautiful tree, delivered on time by a friendly delivery person!


Beautiful christmas tree, very nice & kind deliver responsible Victorio.
Next year we will order with you again. Your CX delivery is flawless and it's so nice to see that some business understand do well how
important is every detail. Absolutely fabulous! Thank you.

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Frequently asked questions by topic

Yes, at the last step, where you enter the details for delivery, you can choose the delivery date. We deliver 7 days a week starting Nov. 23.

Yes, one day before delivery we will send you a time indication of 1 hour accurately for the next day. On the day itself, you can even see the delivery driver driving.

Yes, we will place the Christmas tree at your place of choice. Service right into your living room or office.

Certainly, our delivery people will be happy to help you and leave again when the Christmas tree is beautiful.

Yes, we charge 10 euros per address (no extra charge for multiple trees) and herewith we provide the highest service. Do you live on the 3rd floor? No problem

Pay simply and securely via IDEAL, Credit Card or choose cash on delivery. Companies can pay on account by invoice. You will receive the invoice by mail after delivery, even if you pay by IDEAL or Creditcard.

We deliver daily in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Landsmeer. If you live somewhere else and would like a Christmas tree from us, please ask about the possibilities via

The Nordmann Christmas tree is a strong Christmas tree with soft needles and hardly any needle fall. Premium has to do with the appearance of the tree. All our Premium Nordmann Christmas trees, are beautifully full and symmetrical. We are very precise when selecting the Christmas trees, therefore we guarantee all our customers a wonderful Christmas tree.

Yes, all our Christmas trees up to 300 cm have a hole in the bottom specifically for the Easyfix Christmas tree stand. We drill the holes with original Easyfix equipment. This service is free of charge.

Yes, our Fraserie in pot Christmas tree has a root ball. The Christmas tree itself is pot grown, therefore the Christmas tree is also suitable for replanting.

The Picea Abies is less needle resistant than the Nordmann and Fraserie. When we started in 2007, everyone bought the Christmas tree only after St. Nicholas. Now there is a lot of demand even before December. To still be able to enjoy your traditional fir tree during Christmas, we sell this Christmas tree from December 2.

All Christmas trees come from a specially set up Christmas tree field. Before the Christmas tree is in your room, new Christmas trees have already been planted. On an annual basis, we plant thousands of new Christmas trees. A Christmas tree removes an average of 18 kg of Co2 from the air.

Yes, definitely. Especially a Nordmann Christmas tree still absorbs a lot of water through the trunk. Before departure, we ensure that all pores of the trunk / bark are well open for water absorption. Our Easyfix plastic / steel and Krinner XXL water stands have a water reservoir. At home make sure that the stand is always filled with water.

A Christmas tree can be startled by a big temperature change. Therefore, it is wise to let it do so gradually. It is best to leave the Christmas tree in a cooler environment, such as the hallway, balcony or shed, for at least 12 hours. There is no need to unwrap the Christmas tree, just leave it in the net.

To enjoy your Christmas tree as long as possible, it is wise to water it. This can be done with a water stand through the trunk, but you can also spray the needles with water. Don't place the Christmas tree too close to a heat source, such as a heater, and try to avoid drafts.

If something is wrong - we are happy to fix it for you. We are always around and together we will make sure you have a wonderful Christmas.

Yes, you can order a fireproof Christmas tree from us. Add impregnation to your order and your Christmas tree will be treated with a fire retardant spray. For this we work together with a recognized company. You will also receive an official certificate of treatment. Please note we deliver our fire retardant Christmas trees on November 30, December 8 and 14. Order on time.

In the first week of January we come to you to pick up your Christmas tree. You only remove the lights and decorations from your Christmas tree and we do the rest. We do this in a neat way and leave no needles on the way.

Yes, when selecting pickup service, pick the day when you want us to come by.

Yes, it is already possible to use the pickup service to order. 

Yes, we offer Christmas trees for recycling. Some of our trees are processed into compost, which local gardeners use again in the spring. Or your Christmas tree is used for smaller initiatives, such as a bee hotel made from the trunk of the Christmas tree or a room scent from the pine needles.

No, our private customers also use the pickup service.

You are completely taken care of. You choose from the different themes and at checkout you decide the delivery date. On the selected day we will come to your location to decorate the Christmas tree. In January we empty the tree and take everything back with us. Everything is included so you do not need to order a Christmas tree stand / Christmas tree lights / pick up service.

In the decoration packages, we combine different colors of baubles with luxury baubles and ornaments. In the box you will also find instructions on how to best decorate the Christmas tree. The decoration packages are best shown off on Premium Nordmann Christmas trees from 175 - 250 cm.

We have a wide range of Christmas tree lights, so your every Christmas tree can be beautifully lit. Not too much, not too little. With our advice, you'll turn out beautifully.

Nordmann Christmas tree  Spruce Christmas Tree 
Length of Christmas treeNumber of lights Length of Christmas treeNumber of lights
100 - 125 cm400 150 - 200 cm560
125 - 150 cm560 200 - 250 cm700 or 800
150 - 175 cm700 250 - 300 cm1000 or 1200
175 - 200 cm800 or 1000   
200 - 225 cm1000   
225 - 250 cm1200   
250 - 300 cm1500 or 2x 1000   
300 - 400 cm2x 1200 or 2x 1500 

Assuming you don't have any baubles yet, this is our advice for Nordmann Christmas trees. For the Picea Abies or the Fraserie Christmas tree, you can do 1 set less for sizes 150 cm and up, because those Christmas trees are slightly narrower.

100 - 125 cm - 1 set a 26 pieces

125 - 150 cm - 2 sets a 26 pieces

150 - 175 cm - 3 sets a 26 pieces

175 - 200 cm - 4 sets a 26 pieces

200 - 225 cm - 5 sets a 26 pieces

225 - 250 cm - 6 sets a 26 pieces

250 - 300 cm - 7 sets a 26 pieces

300 - 400 cm - 8 sets a 26 pieces

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Christmas trees Amstelveen

Are you looking for a Christmas tree in Amstelveen? We deliver the most beautiful Christmas trees. Every year we select our Christmas trees ourselves and therefore we guarantee all our customers a beautiful Christmas tree.

The highest service

We deliver the highest quality Christmas trees to your home or office. The daily delivery starts at the end of November, 7 days a week in Amstelveen. When delivering we always maintain a high service and place the Christmas tree for you at the desired location. Even if you live on the third floor, our delivery man makes sure the Christmas tree is delivered neatly.

Follow your delivery driver live!

When ordering, you choose your own delivery date. One day before delivery you will receive an email from us with a time indication of 1 hour for the next day. If our delivery driver is in the neighborhood, you will receive a text message with a link to where our driver is at that moment and how long it will take before the Christmas tree arrives at your place. So you never have to stay home for long, we keep you informed.

A wide range of Christmas trees

The highest quality Nordmann Christmas trees, every year we select the trees ourselves and therefore we guarantee all our customers a beautiful Christmas tree. Online and at our points of sale. Also in our assortment, the Fraserie pot grown and the Picea Abies. The Fraserie is replantable and the Abies is the traditional fir tree. Something for everyone and all of high quality.

Christmas tree stand, decoration and lighting

In addition to Christmas trees, we have a wide range of Christmas tree stands. For every size Christmas tree, the right stand. We understand how annoying it can be when your Christmas tree is crooked or unstable. With our Christmas tree stand, your Christmas tree will be stable and straight within seconds. Our deliverers are happy to help you with that. Don't have any Christmas tree lights or decorations in your home yet? In our webshop you will find everything to complete your Christmas tree. Together, we'll make Christmas beautiful!

Points of sale

Would you like to come and pick out your own Christmas tree? You can! We have several points of sale in Amsterdam and the surrounding area in December. Check out the map and opening hours below and navigate your way to us. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect Christmas tree.

Collection service including recycling in January

During the first week of January, we help our customers dispose of the Christmas tree. We come to your place with two men strong and dispose of the Christmas tree again, without leaving a trace of needles. Then we make sure that your Christmas tree is completely recycled. If you want to make use of this service, we recommend adding the pickup service directly when ordering the Christmas tree. You can determine the pickup date yourself. If you order the collection service for several Christmas trees in one order, you will automatically receive a discount per tree. This service is for individuals and businesses.

We hope to see you soon in Amstelveen.

Points of sale


Excellent parking!

Westerdoksplein. Open 7 days a week. From December 1, 2023.

Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Saturday 09:00 - 17:00.

Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m..


Right in the Center! Right by the North/South line!

Vijzelgracht. Open 7 days a week. As of December 1, 2023.

Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Saturday 09:00 - 17:00.

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Stadium Square. Open 7 days a week. As of Dec. 1, 2023.

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Amstelveen (new location 2023)

Attention! New location. Excellent parking!

Amstelveen . Sales on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From November 25, 2023.

Wednesday 1:00- 5:00 pm.

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Saturday 09:00 - 17:00.

Sunday 11 am - 3 pm.

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