Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

The most beautiful Christmas trees for your home or office. Order directly online and have your Christmas tree delivered on your chosen date. We deliver 7 days a week starting November 23. Or stop by one of our points of sale.

Every year we select among the highest quality, the very finest Christmas trees! Therefore, we guarantee all our customers a magnificent Christmas tree! Check out our selection of Christmas trees below. The popular needle fixed Nordmann Christmas tree, the traditional Spruce and a pot grown (replantable) Fraserie Christmas tree with root ball. Something for everyone!

Most sold Christmas trees

Nordmann Christmas tree

The Nordmann Christmas tree is currently the best-selling Christmas tree. In recent years, the Christmas tree has been popular because of its beautiful shape, but mainly because the Nordmann is generally more needle-resistant than other types of Christmas trees. A Nordmann grows slower than, for example, the spruce Christmas tree, which makes the spruce more economical than the Nordmann. Basically, on the other hand, the Nordmann stays in better condition longer. Our Nordmann Christmas trees are personally selected in Denmark and therefore we are proud to sell beautiful Nordmann Christmas trees in Amsterdam.

Spruce Christmas tree

The Spruce Christmas tree is the traditional Christmas tree that everyone used to have in their homes. The branches of the Spruce are not as strong as the Nordmann Christmas tree, but with a Spruce you really have a Christmas scent in the living room! This Christmas tree is a lot less needle resistant than the Nordmann. Our advice is not to bring the Christmas tree into the house too early, especially if it will be placed in a warm environment. 

Fraserie in pot

Our Fraserie Christmas trees are pot-grown. This means that the Christmas tree is pot-grown and the pot is the Christmas tree's growing environment. If the Christmas tree is taken out, no roots need to be cut. This makes this tree suitable for replanting. It is no guarantee that the tree will make it back, but the chances are many times greater than a potted Christmas tree (roots cut). Almost all trees you come across are pot-grown, but this one is not and is ideal for starting your own Christmas tree project.

Fireproof Christmas tree

For the impregnation of Christmas trees, we work with a recognized company, so you will also receive an official certificate of treatment. During impregnation, the Christmas tree is treated with fire-retardant spray. Since this takes quite some time, the Christmas tree also has to dry, we recommend ordering an impregnated Christmas tree on time. An impregnated Christmas tree can be ordered directly online. First select your desired Christmas tree and then add impregnation. We deliver impregnated Christmas trees this season on November 30, December 8 & 14. We advise you to order on time. 

Premium Nordmann Christmas tree

Picea Abies (Traditional Spruce).

Fraserie in pot (pot-grown)

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