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Christmas tree stands

Simple setup
Because we pre-drill all our Christmas trees, the Christmas tree can be put up straight and stable in just a few seconds. Upon delivery, we will show you how the system works and when desired, we will put the christmas tree in the stand for you.

Water stand
The Easyfix plastic and classic (metal) models have a water basin that can hold about 5 liters of water. The Nordmann Christmas tree in particular still absorbs a lot of water, that is why the Christmas tree also stays fresh longer. When you purchase an Easyfix Christmas tree stand that can contain water, you will receive a free bag of ”tree food”. You add this bag to the water and this gives the Christmas tree an extra boost. Make sure that the Christmas tree is always in a layer of water. 

Wooden crosses
The wooden crosses also have the Easyfix pin, which makes the Christmas tree stable and straight in no time. With this wooden cross, nails and screws no longer need to be used, making this product (just like the water standards) reusable for several years. A sustainable solution, because in addition to the wooden cross being reusable every year, also the Christmas is ideal for reclying afterwards as there are no screws or nails attached to the tree. 

Big Christmas trees
Voor kerstbomen groter dan 2,5 meter is er de Easyfix Maxi waterstandaard en de Krinner XXL Premium (huur of koop). De Krinner XXL kan de meest zware bomen aan. Als u voor een Easyfix Maxi standaard gaat, dan zorgen wij dat het gewicht van de kerstboom passend is. Voor kerstbomen van 300 – 400 meter heeft u de mogelijkheid om een stalenstandaard van ons te huren. Het is ook mogelijk om een 250 – 300 cm & 300 – 400 cm kerstboom op een houten kruis te bestellen. Indien u een grote kerstboom op kruis of met een stalenstandaard besteld, dan zorgen wij voor de montage.

In addition to the beautiful design, our Christmas tree stands are reusable. So after purchase you are set for several years. The different plastic water standards are produced with 100 & recycled material. In addition, your Christmas tree is extremely suitable for recycling, because there are no screws and nails attached to the Christmas tree.

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