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Team uitje Kerstbomen Amsterdam

Who are we?

In 2008 we, Alex Zonneveld and Robbert Wals, came up with the idea of starting something for ourselves. After much brainstorming we thought it would be fun to sell Christmas trees. This because we were both still studying and selling Christmas trees is something for a short period of time.

The point of sale was quickly determined because Alex himself lived on the Westerdok and there was no point of sale nearby. Westerdok was completed that year and we were able to provide these new residents with a Christmas tree. Because our initiative was so well received by the new residents and we enjoyed doing it ourselves, it soon became clear that this experiment was not a one-off. The following years we wanted to take it more seriously.

In the summer of 2009 we traveled to Denmark, the whalhalla of Christmas tree country to buy excellent quality for competitive prices. This allowed us to guarantee a good price/quality ratio. But only a good price/quality ratio was not enough for us. To give customers a really good feeling, a high service level is also important. An example of this service level is that we deliver Christmas trees to the living room or office.

We are now many years down the road and a number of new outlets have been added. It is great that our customer base grows every year, but most importantly, we still provide the customers from the very beginning with a beautiful Christmas tree every year. Every year we have over 90% returning customers. A percentage to be proud of. Those little 10%... They are on vacation or have moved, can't be helped ;)!

We hope to see you at one of the outlets or order the Christmas tree online and our delivery man will do the rest.

Either way, we wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas trees Amsterdam!

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