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Nordmann Christmas tree

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From: 27.50

Beautiful A-quality Nordmann Christmas tree, personally selected in Denmark. Full Nordmann Christmas tree with nice thick strong needles. With an Easyfix (Christmas trees of 100-250 cm) / Krinner (Christmas trees of 250-300 cm) water standard, the Nordmann Christmas tree stays fresh and beautiful for even longer.

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Our Nordmann Christmas trees are personally selected in Denmark. The Nordmann Christmas trees are full and have strong, thick needles.

We recommend to use a waterstand. The advantage of a water stand compared to a wooden cross is that a Christmas tree in a water stand stays in better condition. A Nordmann Christmas tree will still absorb a lot of water, which can even be a liter of water per day. However, this differs per Christmas tree. When a Christmas tree absorbs little water, it does not mean that the tree is in a bad condition.

All our Easyfix standards are reusable, just like the wooden crosses. Thanks to the Easyfix system, the Christmas tree can be put up straight and stable in just a few seconds. Because no nails and screws are required, the Christmas tree is ideal for recycling in January.

New in our product range is the Krinner Premium XXL (rent or buy). Suitable for the heaviest Nordmann Christmas trees from 250-300 cm. Reusable and the stand has a water reservoir just like the Easyfix. The Krinner XXL is quite pricey to purchase, but well worth the money. Clamps the heaviest Christmas trees well and ensures perfect stability.

When you purchase an Easyfix water stand you will get a bag of tree food for free! This gives the tree an extra boost and will remain beautiful even longer!

For Christmas trees larger than 3 meters, you can also rent a specially designed steel Christmas tree stand. The stands are ideal for large / heavy Christmas trees and are sprayed in the color green.

Lots af joy , good feelings and convenience with Kerstbomen Amsterdam!

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