Nordmann (small) potgrown

Nordmann in pot

Nordmann (small) potgrown

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From: 32.50

Pot grown Nordmann (replantable) Christmas tree. Full small Christmas tree with strong thick needles. Personally selected in Denmark.

Winkelmand bekijken


Small Nordmann (replantable) in a pot. The Christmas tree is pot grown, so the Christmas tree has a small root ball. The following things are important to successfully replant the Christmas tree:

  1. Make sure the temperature difference is not too big when you put the Christmas tree on it's location. Let the Christmas tree acclimate for about 12 hours in a cooler environment.
  2. Do not change pot. The Christmas tree has been planted in this pot and it has always been the growing environment.
  3. Do not place the Christmas tree close to the heater.
  4. Water the Christmas tree, but make sure that the tree is not in water all the time.
  5. Replant within 4 weeks (the sooner the better).Put the Christmas tree including pot in the ground.

The survival rate is about 60-70%. Of course you can help a bit by watering in the beginning, but after that the tree itself must be strong enough to grow again. Small trees are generally more successful than the larger trees.

We offer these pot grown Christmas trees with the idea of ​​starting your own Christmas tree project. If you only look at the environment / CO2 aspect then a sawn Christmas tree is absolutely not bad. Each tree extracts approximately 18 kg of C02 from the air and for every Christmas tree sold, we plant a new one. The Christmas trees that we sell are grown exclusively as a Christmas tree. In addition, all our transport is CO2 neutral and Christmas trees are recyclable. Most of the Christmas trees in Amsterdam are shredded and reused as compost for paths in parks and gardens.

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