Spruce Christmas tree

Spar Kerstboom

Spruce Christmas tree

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From: 25.00

Let op: De Spar kerstbomen zijn leverbaar vanaf 3 December. Nordmann kerstbomen al vanaf 25 november.

A personally selected, A quality, traditional Spruce Christmas tree with a lovely pine scent. This tree doesnt hold its needles as well and long as the Nordmann, however, with a waterstand the tree will stay fresh for longer.

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Our Spruce Christmas trees are personally selected in Denmark. The Spruce is a traditional Christmas tree with a strong scent

We recommend to use a waterstand as well. The advantage of a waterstand compared to a wooden cross, is that a tree in a waterstand remains fresh longer.

When you order a waterstand, the trunk of the Christmas tree will already be prepared by us for placing in the water stand.

Our Christmas tree stands can be reused every year. If you opt for a water standard, make sure that the Christmas tree receives water throughout the whole period you have it in your home. If the Christmas tree is left without water for a few days, the Christmas tree will be less able to absorb the water after refilling.

The steel Christmas tree stands are not available for our Spruces. These are only intended for the heavier Nordmann Christmas trees.

Lots af joy , good feelings and convenience with Kerstbomen Amsterdam!